"As He says also in Hosea, " I will call these who are not My people, My people, and her who was not beloved, beloved." Romans 9:25

What beautiful words to a woman who has not been called beloved. Actually it is true for any man, woman or child who has been rejected, betrayed, and deserted by those who were suppose to love them. I think we can safely say that includes most of society. That is why we need to hear the cry of God’s heart to you through His Word this morning.

God is saying even though you are not Jewish, my chosen people, I now choose you through the blood of My Son, Jesus. He paid the price for the adoption of all mankind. That includes you. No matter what you’ve done, or who you are or aren’t, He will make the unloved, loved. Isn’t that the deepest need inside each one of us?

You have an invitation at this very moment to surrender your life into the hands of God, and allow Him to call you His beloved. Whether male or female we all have the same need–to be loved. If you allow God to take you up out of your pit into His loving arms you will be the "beloved" throughout eternity. You will never not be the beloved again!

Verse 23 states:

"And He did so to make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for glory."

We know from scripture God’s glory is His goodness. Would you join me in becoming a vessel of His mercy and goodness? This is what we were all created for — to bring glory to our God of all goodness. ( Isaiah 43:7) What more worthy calling exist than to become a trophy for all to see God’s perfect love and goodness? He alone is worthy to be glorified through our existence.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness



I joined My Beloved each morning this past week at Hilton Head Island, SC to experience His glory at the beginning of each new day! It was ecstasy basking in His great love as a vessel of mercy and goodness filled to overflowing!