Jeremiah 23:18
"But who has stood in the council of the Lord, that he should see and hear His Word? Who has given heed to His Word and listened?"

As in Jeremiah’s day many self proclaimed prophets are prophesying out of their own imaginations. Declaring you represent the voice of God to someone else is a very serious action that does not go unnoticed by God as we see in Jeremiah 23. In verse 30 the Lord declares He is against those who steal even His Words from each other. Sadly I find very few Christians who stand in the council of the Lord that they might see and hear His Word. We can’t see His Word unless we are reading it, and we certainly can’t hear His Word if we aren’t listening to Him.
Pastors study other pastors sermons, doing exactly what God declares Himself against. No one can teach under the anointing and with passion as one who has stood in the council of God and God alone. That man or woman will not lack passion or conviction. They are not tossed to and fro with every wind of new doctrine. Oh, to be able to have fellowship with someone who can honestly share out of their own Word from God!
I am the mother of four children, and I have seen the misrepresentation when one of my children try to convey my heart to another one. It is deeply painful. How much more is it for God when we listen to each other for His heart for us? I always want my children to spend time with me, so I can convey the truth to them rather than them saying what I feel or think. Again, how much more for God the Father? No one can share with you the intimacy of His heart for you but Him. This is what He longs for. Let it be said of us in 2015 we have heeded His Word and listened to Him more, and less of each other.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


This photo was one of my favorite past Christmas cards for our family. How delighted Stephen’s siblings were when he was born in time to replace Sarah’s doll as baby Jesus. What a blessed time in my life!