Luke 4:13
"When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Him until an opportune time."

This verse ends the account of Jesus, being led by the Spirit, to fast and pray, and to be tempted by the devil for 40 days in the desert. When the devil had exhausted all efforts with no success, he left until an opportune time. In other words he would be back as he watched for opportunity. Let us pray as Jesus did, "lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil." Our sword is the Words of God. Only Truth can counter the lies of the enemy. May we saturate our minds and hearts in His Words.
In His love.

This photo is of Miss Whitney Atkins and myself. I met Whitney and her family while on a mission trip in West Virginia several years ago. As we continue to stay in touch, she recently sent me this photo. Nothing like doing splits in the freshly fallen snow! It sure delighted Whitney, and that was all that mattered. The picture isn’t the best quality, but the memory is.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness