Acts 17:28
For in Him we live, and move, and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’

How glorious it is to know the one true God that Paul is speaking of in the city of Athens, full of idols. I am so thankful to be able to declare with Paul in Him we live, and move , and exist. I know Who I belong to, and He belongs to me. I move through life out of the strength that comes from Him. I know I am forever His child. My deep need for the qualities of a mother and father are met by His unfailing love. I know I have my being in Him and it is eternal security. How glorious to know the one true God. As Paul said in verse 27, "He is not far from each of us."

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?" (Mark 8:36) What is consuming your life this morning? Do not be robbed of knowing the love and wisdom of the one true God who created you with purpose. Draw near and seek Him with all your being, and He will let Himself be found. (Jeremiah 29:13
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


I ran the New River 25 K yesterday with Julie Kinney. Nothing is sweeter in life than sharing the "knowing," in Him we live, and move, and have our existence!