Luke 12:24
"So is the man who stores up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God."

Jesus taught us our lives do not consist in our possessions even when we have an abundance. (Luke 12:15) He told us to beware of every form of greed. We were never meant to store up our treasures, but to constantly give out, and allow the Lord to pour back in. At one time I was praying asking the Lord to help me to live with open hands. I prayed I would not be tight fisted about where I lived, my possessions, or even my friends and family. I wanted my life to be totally surrendered to Him in every area. He gently responded back to me, "Teresa, I cannot fill a clenched fist." How profound the revelation was of God’s heart. He did not only want to empty out my hands, but He wanted to fill them back up. What are you hoarding or hanging onto today? Allow yourself to become rich toward God. Focus on eternal investments that you may reap eternal rewards.
In His love.

Investing time in the lives of the the people we love creates memories we hold dear throughout a life time.
Photo taken with my son, Stephen, after a steamy run in Goshen, Indiana.

Teresa Roberts

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