"Philemon 20
"Yes, brother, let me benefit from you in the Lord, refresh my heart in Christ."

I love this time of year as we celebrate the birth of God becoming man. We could not get up to Him, until His love came down to us in the form of a baby. Giving birth to four children makes me treasure the humble birth of May’s Son even more. I, like Mary, treasure these truths in my heart. I hold them dearest of all this time of year.

Each year my heart eventually deeply grieves for God the Father and His Son, Jesus, as I observe there is still no room for Him in this world. The true meaning of the season is pushed to the back of all the celebration. Our families and friends are smothered in more stuff. Instead of giving our children the beautiful story of God’s love, and the wander of it all, Christmas morning we give them more stuff with great emphasis on Santa. Giving is very much the heart of God,’ but He gives what silver and gold cannot buy.

As followers of Christ we have so much more to offer than more material possessions. Please don’t think I am trying to black ball gift giving and receiving, but sometimes I feel imprisoned as Paul by this world even inside the church of Jesus Christ. Frankly I see little difference. What my heart longs for is to have it "refreshed in Christ." I tend to pull away more during this season, so I don’t loose the Gift of my Savior from my Father.

Yes, brothers and sisters, let me benefit from you in the Lord, refresh my heart in Christ. Perhaps this is the true cry of the children’s hearts this Christmas; I think so. Sadly I find few believers who refresh my heart in Christ. I allow Christ Himself to refresh my heart as I flee to His Presence. Let us meet the real heart cry of a lost and dying world. Let us refresh our hearts with the true meaning of Christmas, and then extend the hope and love to others.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


As much as I loved sharing a recent race with my son, Stephen, it doesn’t compare to when we refresh each other’s hearts in Christ.