Masterpiece Fitness would like to share with readers two accounts from participants of the recent New River Duathlon.  I hope this will give folks a better understanding of what is made available to them every first Saturday in August.  I hope this will inspire others to come out and meet the challenge which will produce a healthier and more fit population, and produce a better quality of life for all.  I hope you enjoy this account as much as I did.

From SwimBikeStumble

The New River Duathlon in Fries, VA, has been on my radar for a couple of years now. I’d been wanting to try a duathlon, and I was intrigued with the New River Trail, a popular rail trail along the New River. There was just one hitch, to do well in the race I would need a cyclocross bike …

It was a good day and a fun race. I ran better than my pre-race predictions. My trusty old Trek got another day in the sun. And Viktor – the guy on the borrowed bike, who was racing for fun – he won the whole dang thing.

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From Tri Coach Yourself

We all train to race. I changed that this weekend and used a race to train. I decided to race the New River Duathlon in Fries, VA to get a nice and fast brick workout (5km run, 21mi bike, 5km run). I feel like I need those short but hard races to get comfortable with the run off the bike. All in all it was a great race and I even managed to win it overall 🙂 … –

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