"Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me." Romans 15:30

The greatest thing we can do for one another is to be willing to truly strive in prayer by our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the love of the Spirit. That is true as individuals, and it is true as families. This is true, but do we really believe it? Our actions, not what we say, reveal the honest answer to the question. When is the body of Christ going to start obeying what God says in His Word? What are we really putting our faith in? If we take an honest look at what we are doing rather than what we are saying, when in a crisis, we will find where our faith is.

Unfortunately as I observe professing believers in God they act no differently from the world when in the storms of life. It confounds me how we can put so much faith in doctors and x-rays, but we have none in the God who created us who promises healing in His Word. I am the first to admit I don’t understand it all, but I do have the freedom to choose where to put my faith and so do you. I appreciate the sincere healthcare workers, and all they do, and I have been hospitalized. But my faith is ultimately in the One who watched His only Son die for me, so I might have healing and eternal life. I am not without hope whether I live or die. He conquered death once and for all. We are spiritual, eternal beings. We seem to forget that while living life on this earth. It is only temporal. We must help one another focus on the eternal.

May we as individuals and families strive together first and foremost in prayer for one another, and share the Word of God with one another, so that we might be rescued from the evil one. It is the spiritual battle we are in that determines the eternal. I long to see my family on their knees praying privately and when we assemble together for each other and our nation. That should be a normal way of life for us all. it was for the New Testament Church. Then we will find the refreshing rest in one another’s presence that Paul refers to in verse 32.

May I admonish you to strive in prayer for one another in the Presence of God, so when we come together we may find the refreshing rest and a peace the world cannot give us. When the dying world sees hope in the lives of God’s people they will run to the One true God who is the source of all that is good and perfect. He is the absolute truth always. His children must place their faith in Him alone.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

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What a wonderful gift from God to be on the back of a horse again. What a treasured event!