John 17:21
"…that they all may be one even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so the world may believe that You sent Me."

John 17 allows us to listen in on a very intimate conversation between the Father and the Son. I recognize the holiness and sacredness of this chapter. There is such power in unity, and how Jesus prayed that for His own. The spirit of division destroys whether it be our nation or our families. I am a product of this destruction; I know. I am convinced the answer is in this chapter also. I believe there is a huge lack of sanctification in His own. Jesus prays for us to be kept from the evil one in verse 15. He then prays we would be sanctified in truth, and proclaims, "Thy Word is Truth," in verse 17. In verse 19 He states, "For their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they themselves also might be sanctified in Truth." I am convinced this is why we are being destroyed as a nation, as churches, and families are because of our lack of truth to battle the lies of the evil one.
In my own home, while raising my children, I kept us in the Word. and there was unity in our relationships. We functioned as one because we lived under the "authority" of God’s Word. In a marriage if, BOTH stay under the authority of God’s word, the marriage is sanctified and thrives. The enemy cannot divide. This was true of my children and our relationships. It was true of our great nation at one time. Let us return to Truth. God’s word is Truth. It alone has the power to sanctify us, that we may be one, and be protected from the enemy. Let us stop running to each other for approval, and return to Him alone for Truth. Then we will be truly set free from the lies that destroy our relationships, and the world may believe our Father sent His Son.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


Very seldom in my life have I been the one to break the tape in a race. This actually happened this past Saturday in Cana, Va at the Everhart Primary Care 5K. What a fun day basking in the goodness and grace of God!