John 1:9
“There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man.”

I am confounded by where we put our emphasis as professing believers in Christ at Christmastime. Nothing can compete with the truth of God’s Word. I love filling my mind and heart with all God’s Word has to say about the True Light which enlightens every man who will allow it to. Christmas lights point me to the Light of the world, Jesus.
One of the greatest joys of the seasons past was filling my children’s minds and hearts with the wonder of the birth of the Son of God being born in a manger, the angels, wisemen, the shepherds watching over their sheep, and it is all true.
Why do we put more emphasis on the message of the world and its made up self gratification? The true story of Christmas is all about giving and us receiving, but it wasn’t Santa Claus. God gave the world the gift of His only Son, Jesus. Give your children a gift that never stops giving, and will truly satisfy all they will ever want or need.
May I encourage you to read the Scriptures for the true meaning of Christmas, and spend as much time teaching your children about the greatest story ever told as we do teaching the the fabricated one about Santa Claus. It will be a Christmas to remember.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


I snapped this photo one day as my children were playing. I was delighted with their imaginations. They created their own wardrobes of what they deemed appropriate. A leftover angel costume was found from a couple years ago with tinsel drooping. The bath towel from their new brother was the head dress for our little shepherd. Don’t you love the croquet mallets for the staffs? What a joyous time as the True Light was allowed to brighten our Christmas every year, and how He shined in my children’s hearts!

(Caleb 2, Sarah 5, Allie 4 (our neighbor), and John David 4, Stephen was 3 months not pictured)

Nativity photo.pdf