Danny Harmon giving a peace sign as he tackles his run!Patti Merdian exemplifies muscle power!Patrick Butler appears to have it all under control!  (2nd place age group winner)


Runners are off for the 2014 Matthews Trail Run! 3rd Annual Matthews Trail Run

April 4, 2015

Begin Training!

No registration!

No tee-shirt!

No trophies!

No Sponsors!

Mark your Calendars!

This year’s Matthews Trail Run is for the “purist.” These are the runners who run for the experience and their own performance. They play by their own rules. If you want to go for a time, we will have a starting time for all runners to set their devices. I encourage everyone to bring a thermos and any munchies desired, and stick around to cheer the last runners in. We will mingle and enjoy each other’s stories of present and past races. I will reserve a table at Macado’s in Galax for lunch for anyone interested. We will have a donation bucket for Matthews State Forest and the Galax Mountain Bikers who are responsible for the trail we all enjoy.

All runners are participating at their own risk and responsible for anything that should happen personally. You run at your own risk. The trail is a trail. Falling is always likely. It will not be groomed by any means. There will be a lot of leaves and sticks. Masterpiece Fitness or Matthews Trail Run take no responsibility for any participants.

We will have an awards ceremony of recognition when everyone finishes. Runners will be responsible for giving name and age when they cross the finish to the timers. There will be an email list to sign up for also.

Come out this year for a simplified run, and just enjoy running and the privilege of being with people of common passions…the outdoors and physical challenges!

Please do email me, and let me know if you plan to participate. It will help with reservations. Hope to see you there!

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Wishing you a blessed, prosperous, 2015!



Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness