Speaking as a personal trainer and from years of experience, successful personal training comes from the trainer and client giving 100 percent.  I would like to share a few thoughts on what I feel produces success.   A good trainer gets behind the eyes of their client by being a good listener and setting their client at ease.  I feel it is the trainer’s job to inspire, and educate.  I want my clients to understand why certain concepts are important.  If I understand the why, I am much more motivated.   I try to figure out the best way to motivate each client individually.  It is different for each client.  Personal training should be exactly that; personal!   Through good communication you find out what are reasonable goals within a certain amount of time.  The trainer is to hold the client accountable.  This enables the client to have the discipline they lack on their own.  I believe we should strive for excellence in whatever we are doing.  This is of greatest importance when it comes to taking care of our health and staying fit.  Getting fit is only half of the battle.  Staying fit is and making right choices on a daily basis is the ongoing battle.

The client has to understand no matter how good the trainer is, the success cannot be produced without them doing their part.  Their part is giving it all they have. That is my standard.   I do believe the trainer establishes the standard of expectation during a consultation and assessment.  A good trainer knows when a client is really trying and working hard.  It takes consistent commitment.  I find much of my job is convincing people they can do what they believe they can’t.  One of my most fulfilling moments are watching people perform far beyond their expectations.  When a client is willing to trust their trainer and try things out of their comfort zone in a safe manner we accomplish success.

I recently was privileged to be a part of the “Biggest Loser “ program at Carroll Wellness Center in Hillsville.   We had 3 teams.  Each team was made up of 5 participants.  You had one session a week with each contestant for a period of 6 weeks.  I had a very diverse group of gals varying in age, health conditions, fitness levels, and personalities.   However we came together as a team.  I gave them all a common goal.  I wanted to see a lifestyle change in each one.  We never really talked about winning the contest.  My ultimate goal was to truly make a difference in the lives of these delightful ladies.  Even though we had a lot of variables there are essentials that are the same for all of us: commitment, hard work, and desperately desiring change.  These girls rose to the occasion.  Knowing I only had 6 weeks I put all of them in the water.  I knew it would be the most effective way to burn calories, strengthen their cores, and we could work together as a team in the water.  An added bonus is the water is fun.  It feels more like playing, than working…that is until you get out.  You realize how hard you have worked, and it results in feeling relaxed, rather than beat up.  We did do some machines, and I did a running session with Mary, who is now up to 3.1 miles and planning her first triathlon.  The girls joined each other in one another’s sessions when possible which worked beautifully in the water. 

Two weeks before the contest was over I received an email from Mandy saying my team was neck to neck with hers to win.  I shot my girls and email and said lets win this thing!  We hadn’t talked about winning before, but that gave them even more incentive to finish strong, and finish strong they did.  We won!   Mary Gardner managed to lose 16.5 lbs, lost 1.25 inches in chest,  2 inches in waist, and 1.25 in hips.   Eleanor Dick lost 10.5 lbs, chest .25 inches, waist 2 inches, hips 1.25.  Karen Boyer lost 8.5 lbs, chest 2 inches, waist 2.75 in, hips 1.25 inches.  Karen Castelle lost 7 lbs, chest .25, waist 0, hips 1.50 inches.  Katie Shockley lost 6.5 lbs, chest 2 in, waist 3 in, hips 1.50.  Remember this was within 6 weeks!  I could not be more proud of each one of the girls.  They worked hard, obiviously.

I would like to express my appreciation to Carroll Wellness Center for allowing me to contract out there and do what I love doing.  The Center means a lot to a lot of people.  We are very thankful for all they offer.

We hope to inspire others to success by sharing our story.  Be realistic if you want these kinds of results.  We know it can be done.   I wanted to give some of the girls an opportunity to speak for themselves.  Please check out their testimonials on the website by clicking on “training” and then click on testimonials.  http:/masterpiecefitness.com/training/testimonials/  Be inspired for success!

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


Photographs of a group personal training session with Biggest Loser contestants now available at Carroll Wellness Center.