"May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other."
Genesis 31:49

As one year rolls out and another in I reflect over this past year. As I ponder moments of ecstasy and agony, what takes precedence in all the memories is the unfailing love and faithfulness of God to me and my children. We live away from one another now, but I still watch the goodness of God over their lives during the good and the bad of life. This life is full of tumultuous changes, but God’s love for us never changes. He cannot lie. His promises to us never expire or become outdated. His mercies are new every morning, daily, as we have need of them. He Himself will be our peace. (Ephesians 2:14) His promises to us are aboundingly sufficient for all our needs. All we have to do is partake.

Because of moving around in life I am separated from many dear friends and my family. So when I came across this verse in Genesis this became my prayer for those I hold so dear. As I watch my precious family and friends leave to return back to their seasons of life I was overwhelmed once again by the faithfulness and love I have witnessed over their lives through the years. It hasn’t been based on performance and doing everything right, but on mercy and grace.

Perhaps you need assurance of the verse this morning for you and your love ones as we face an unpredictable new year. Rest assured His promises are true. Simply partake. He came for ALL mankind! He is watching over all.
In His love.

Christmas photos of some of those I hold dear: My children and grandchildren along with my Mother and her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and several great-great grandchildren!