Ephesians 1:22-23
And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

The Bible describes us as Christ body and He is our head. If only that was true! Our body can do nothing without the head. Allow the Holy Spirit to unfold the meaning and practical application of how this plays out in our day to day lives. His rightful place is head over all things. We must bend our knee and give Him His rightful place in our hearts as Lord of all. In doing so He will fill your all in all as only He is capable of doing.

Photos of yesterday’s 5K Freedom Run in Hillsville. Mary Gardner and Eleanor Dick, two of my Biggest Loser winners ran. This was Eleanor’s first 5K! So proud of both of them!

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