"Will you really annul My judgement? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified?" Job 40:8

As I was reading the story of Job again I came across this verse. How preposterous that Job would condemn God Almighty to justify himself! Then in a moment of stark realization I asked God, " How many times have I done this to You?" Truth be told we have all done this during our lifetime multiple times.

In the first chapter of Job God Himself informed satan that Job was His servant. He said there was no one like Job, blameless and upright fearing God and turning from evil. He then gave satan permission to test Job. Through the process Job loses everything — his family, his wealth, and endured great physical suffering. He feels it is unjust and keeps declaring his innocence.

There is much to be gleaned from the book of Job, but in the end Job repents of self righteousness and judging God. In the last chapter Job remains faithful to God, and God remains faithful to His servant.

May we learn to trust in the character of God and His love for us when we are tested. Let us not succumb to justifying ourselves. The fiery trials Job endured purified his inner being, and gave him a deeper revelation of who God really was. Take the time to read chapter 42. There you will find the hidden mysteries of God in His Word. Repentance brought about deliverance from sin, and God totally restored all things that were lost. He can and will make all things right as we trust in the one true God who is always faithful and true being perfect in all His ways. After all, He is God!
In His love,

Teresa Roberts

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Flowers from this week’s bike ride in Old Salem, Winston Salem, NC.