“In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

I will never forget the first time the Holy Spirit led me to this verse. Our young family was living in a rural farm area in Sumter SC. I ran secluded dirt roads that ran through the farmland. I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and treasured moments alone with the Lord and His creation being a mother of four children six and under.

However there were several drug houses sparsely surrounding this rural area that brought in some rough individuals. A neighbor on his evening run was attacked and beaten up pretty badly. The immediate response of my caring neighbors was to inform me I couldn’t run alone anymore; it wasn’t safe! When my response was I trusted the Lord to keep me safe they reminded this gentleman was a Christian also.

I knew that was true. I struggled the next week and prayed missing my runs. I can only share my experience. Everyone has to walk their own walk according to their convictions. An anger arose in me as I believed I was being shown the enemy was being allowed to rob me of a gift from my Father. Those runs meant a great deal to me not only physically and mentally, but spiritually also. So I armed myself with pepper spray and off I went. But I was quickly filled with fear as cars approached on the paved road leading to my dirt trails. Then when I got to the more isolated trails every sound filled me with anxiety. I returned from my run weary, and defeated.

The next morning I began my day as usual praying and seeking His Word for guidance. Psalm 5:3 declares:

“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; in the morning I will order my prayer to you and eagerly watch.”

I ended my time reading Psalm 4. As I read the last verse, which is today’s verse, I knew God was speaking a personal direct Word to me — He alone makes me dwell in safety! I ran that evening free from fear and the cumbersome pepper spray. I was free from fear because faith comes from hearing His voice through His Word and being bathed in His perfect love that cast out fear. ( 1John 4:18) I ran for the next several years safely and at peace.

Fear is a very effective tactic the enemy uses to rob God’s people of what He has for them. Fear doesn’t come from God. If I keep myself in the love of God as scripture commands I am without fear. (Jude 1:21) It should go without saying it doesn’t mean you can be irresponsible and reckless doing as you please. I got a Word from the Lord before I continued to run there safely and peacefully. I know to keep myself in His love in order to not be afraid. We either magnify our fears and circumstances, or we magnify God and His promises.

What are you magnifying in your life?The coronavirus, the crime rate, and depravity of society? The list can go on and on, but may I exhort you to spend your mornings before you begin your day in His presence with His promises to His followers? We run to therapists, counselors, medications, etc and all are rather costly. What I am advocating is free! Jesus paid for it. Only then will you lie down in peace, for He alone makes you dwell in safety.
In His love.

Teresa Roberts

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