Author: Teresa Roberts

How About Some Personal Sessions in the “Water Gym?”

The modern gym of the future is the swimming pool.  For most folks it is a new concept to consider personal training in the pool.  Though I do not make a personal training session mandatory for my classes, I do highly recommend them for various reasons.  Unless you have a background of water experience, you need to be taught the properties of water and how to use them. These properties include buoyancy, resistance, water depth, inertia, balance, and action/reaction and travel.  I take each property and explain it with demonstrations.  I am a visual learner and am sympathetic to those of us who need to see what is being explained.  You need to know how to make the water work for you. A top priority in any exercise program is safety.  Knowledge and understanding of what to do and not to do ensures your safety and enables you to get the most from your program.  With personal training, the trainer can answer any questions you might have and observe you while implementing instruction.  I am adamant on good form and posture while performing in the water or on land.  As most experienced athletes know, form is everything.  As I teach a client basic water moves I make sure they are performing the moves correctly.  It is extremely difficult to undo improper form once it has become a habit. As...

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Fourth of July Memories

One of the more desirable qualities of growing old is a wealth of memories.  Within my fifty years of life, I have achieved a record of living hard and fast.  I considered slowing down the back side of fifty but to no avail.  I love living life!  Consequently I am the only grandmother I know who has more skinned knees than her grandchildren…unless they are with me.  I have acquired bumps and bruises along with broken and crushed bones, but nine times out of ten it has been worth the experiences and memories made. As the Fourth of July approaches I have slowed down long enough to remember celebrating the Fourth as a little girl.  Every year, for as long as I can remember, there has always been the Galax Fireman’s Carnival. What may seem rather insignificant today was a highlight for most of us children who saw very little of the world outside our protected environment.  I delighted in the taste of my first cotton candy and candy apple.  Being quite the tomboy I was thrilled to shoot a rifle at standup rabbits all to win a rather chintzy teddy bear.  I relished in the excitement the carnival rides offered.  The rides satisfied a need for excitement and adventure with their breakneck speed and heights! Some of my fondest memories took place on a weeklong Wagon Train.  It...

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Masterpiece Fitness Invites You on a Spring Run!

There is nothing like a spring run in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  I prefer finding backwood, dirt roads in rural areas of Carroll County where I am blessed enough to live.  There, I am enabled to return to my fondest memories of childhood I enjoyed while growing up in this area.  I find people who have maintained a lifestyle most have lost everywhere else I have lived or traveled to.  No one seems so concerned about climbing a corporate ladder for more power, more wealth, and more recognition.  I find hard work going on at a much slower pace.  I know the fulfillment of working hard on your land and caring for a farm… and I loved it.  Lady Godiva, my chocolate lab, and preferred running partner for these runs of solitude, presence are quietly tolerated as we run along observing all I hold dear and find necessary for my sanity.  We seem to blend in nicely as we happily run along.  Our first couple of miles consists of a paved, rural road with a creek running along both sides.  We pass pastures with horses and cattle grazing contently.  I am relieved to get away from any traffic as we turn left and begin a gravel road that takes us along a beautiful creek that offers a lot of good trout fishing.  Mountain Laurel is plenteous, and I anxiously...

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Come to the Water

Psalm 139:14 I am a strong advocate of water fitness for good reasons.  It all began from personal experience.  As I alluded to before, I had a horse rear up and fall backwards on top of me!  I took all the weight in my pelvis area.  The horse rolled to it’s side to get up, with me still underneath, which crushed my right side.  The left side had severe breaks, as you can imagine, but the right side was literally crushed.  I had ligaments torn from my spine. I was a mess!  I had run a race the night before and won one of the largest trophies I had ever received.  Within twenty four hours I was on my back struggling to live, not knowing if I would walk again.  Is life unpredictable or what?? We opted for traction as opposed to surgery because of issues with my sciatic nerve.  This meant thirty days flat on my back with a steel rod through the bone in my right leg just below the knee.  This was so they could gradually add weight up to thirty pounds on my right leg to try to pull down the hip as it was healing.  I was sent home in a wheelchair and not a lot of encouragement. After realizing the medical profession was very limited in what they could do for me, I...

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The Importance of Core Muscles… God’s Natural Girdle!

In the process of having six children, my Mother was encouraged by her doctor to wear a man made girdle which she has done most of her life.   The girdle would flatten the stomach and tighten the behind by constriction of the garment.  It gave support to the lower back and pelvic floor muscles.  Last, but not least, it held up your nylon stockings if it had the right snaps and attachments.  The girdle treated the symptoms, but did not solve the problem. God created us with a “natural girdle” made up of what we refer to as “core muscles.”  Often times when people hear core muscles they immediately assume abdominal muscles.  Abdominals often get credit for protecting the back and being the foundation of strength, but in reality they are only a small part of what makes up the core.   Without being too technical, in general the muscles of the core run the length of the trunk and torso.  These muscles include the abs, the obliques (located on sides and front of abs), your lower back muscles, the erector spinae, (group of three muscles which run along your neck to the lower back), and your glutes which is located in the back of the hip and upper thigh leg. I want to give you enough description of these muscles so you can understand how they form a natural...

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