Masterpiece Fitness believes and promotes ultimate health and fitness. Exercise and diet are vitally important to our well being, but I believe what is more important is the condition of our spirit man.  It is eternal; the physical is temporal.  Our spiritual being is vital for experiencing happiness, and good emotional and mental health.   Research proves bitterness and unforgiveness is a cause of cancer and other illnesses.   Anxiety attacks are an epidemic in our society.  Our physical health is often a reflection of the condition of our hearts.

I spend a considerable amount of time each morning in the Word of God and simply lingering in His Presence praying. This is a practice I developed after giving my life to Christ.  It is how I became and maintain good health spiritually.  My heart and mind is transformed daily as a result. (Romans 12:2)  The abbreviated devotions are a result of what I receive each morning.  I pray God will give me what my subscribers need to hear.  My hope is these devotions will be a jump start for you to go to His Word and His Presence yourself.  Don’t be cheated by being fed second hand only, when you too can come face to face with God also.  This is what He desires for all His children.

Masterpiece Fitness began sending out daily devotions this past January.  You may subscribe very easily to receive them daily by email through the website:   It is just as easy to unsubscribe at any time.  You may also request a daily text.

My teaching from God’s Word comes from the life I have lived.  As most of you know I am an experiential teacher.   I have experienced the changes being a follower of Christ has made and continues to make in my own life.  I  have acquired a deep love for God’s Word.  God has also given me His deep love for people.  When you love Him, He teaches you to love others.  It is what motivates me in all I do.

It is my desire, through the daily devotions, to help you learn God’s Word and to believe in the power of His Promises.  My prayer is that as a result, you will face life’s many challenges without fear, secure in the knowledge of the Father’s love for you and His ability to perform miracles for those who will believe.  Please take advantage of this daily inspiration from God’s Word, and get started on your own journey today.

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