Testimony from Marie Isom

I wanted to express my appreciation to Teresa for the benefits and results I have experienced since doing water therapy. Working in the pool has been such a blessing! In the water I am not limited as I am on land.

I began water rehabilitation with Teresa in April of 2009. Prior to this the doctor said my meniscus in my left knee was shredded and the cartilage was almost completely gone. One section was bone against bone. In the right knee the cartilage was starting to thin down. I had cortisone and synvist injections in my left knee. When I tried doing leg and hip exercises out of the water, it was next to impossible because of the pain I experienced. The doctor said the nerves in my back were cramping and inflamed. I ended up taking muscle relaxers and hydrocortisone. I became very discouraged.

Any kind of exercise was overwhelming for me. The daily activity of walking is done with a deformity as I “weeble when I walk!” Teresa has corrected my posture and form. She has helped me to understand why this is so important with body mechanics and mobility which motivates me to work harder.

In the water I am able to re-gain my quality of life! I am set free from pain and limitations due to the support of the water surrounding me. The warmth of the therapy pool causes my muscles to relax immediately. I can do jumping jacks, cross country skiing, and jog! I am able to bicycle on the noodle and use my upper body as well. One thing I like most is the core muscles are engaged the whole time you are working… if you are taught correct form. I have been able to strenghthen all muscles groups and regain flexibility as Teresa makes sure I stretch continuously with my movements. During my time in the pool I feel I am set free!

Not only does Teresa help me physically, but she is an inspiration spiritually by her own testimony and seeing what she has been able to accomplish after being in a wheelchair. She truly understands what she teaches. She has lived it. I love her approach, healthy body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend Masterpiece Fitness and all it has to offer.

Mrs Marie Isom
Fries, Va