I would like to express my appreciation for all who made this first annual trail run possible. My reward for the event has been meeting so many great people and hearing their appreciation and support for the event. I accomplished exactly what I hoped for…a love for trail running and an appreciation for what we have in our back doors and surrounding us who are blessed enough to live in this area.
Races are only as good as the volunteers! Obviously I had the best! Thank you. You know who all of you are. Know this was only possible because you were willing to give and serve…but didn’t we have fun!
All of us want to thank Zach Olinger and Matthews State Forest and their staff for the help and encouragement we received on race day and the days leading up to the race. When I approached Zach about a trail run I received his hearty support from the start. As Zach said they are not funded for recreation, but he is an avid supporter. Without you initial enthusiasm I may not have continued my pursuit.
We all want to thank the Baywood Rescue Squad for being at our run. Again, when asked for their help James Chrismon, their chief was there with his assistant. Remember to thank these volunteer rescue squad folk. They are possible because of people willing to think of someone besides themselves. Thank you.
Lastly, I want to thank the mountain bike riders who worked tirelessly to create the trails we all now enjoy. I hope they feel a great sense of gratification for all the pleasure and enjoyment their efforts have given to others. Greg Edwards, Todd Dillion, Doug Hines, Ronnie Nester, Carol Lineberry, and Robert Patton you will see on some of the signs the bikers made when creating the trails. Two of the guys who did the most work on the trails and spent personal money was Greg Edwards and Robert Patton. Their desire was exactly what this event represented, that their efforts would be enjoyed by all and we did.
Donations was given to Todd Dillon for use of continued maintenance of the trail. Donations from the event was also given to the Matthews State Forest and Baywood Rescue Squad.
One last suggestion for all walkers and runners: Please show your appreciation by always stopping to clear debri or pick up any trash. It is alot easier for us than a biker. In honor of who created the trail always yield the trail to any biker. I know most of you already do this, and I thank you.
Hope to see you next year.


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Overall Winners


  • *1st Alice Mountcasel 1:32:13
  • 2nd Aimee Wild 1:35:54
  • 3rd Rebecca Adcock 1:39:35


  • *1st Andrew Peddy 1:14:53
  • 2nd Thomas Sharkey 1:23:09
  • 3rd Johathan Adcock 1:27:27

Women’s Age Division Winners

19 and under

  • 1st Anna Reavis 2:51:00


  • 1st Sandy Jones 1:47:46
  • 2nd Virginia Kinder 3:28:33
  • 3rd Rebecca Rector 3:28:41


  • 1st Jill Moore 1:41:55
  • 2nd Christine Reavis 2:51:00


  • 1st Billie Hall 2:02:39
  • 2nd Bonnie Harrington 2:08:00


Men’s Age Division Winners


  • Daniel Bedsaul 1:41:49


  • Timothy Thomas 1:39:56


  • Patrick Butler 1:29:44
  • Tony Truitt 1:41:42
  • Ray Bedsaul 1:45:23

Women’s Results

  • Anna Reavis – Woodlawn, Va 2:51:00
  • Amy Wild – Hillsville, Va 1:35:54
  • Virginia Kinder – Hillsville, Va 3:28:33
  • Rebecca Adcock – Stuart, Va 1:39:35
  • Alice Mountcasel – Galax, Va 1:32:13
  • Sandy Jones – Galax, Va 1:47:46
  • Rebecca Rector – Woodlawn, Va 3:28:41
  • Jill Moore – Boone, Nc 1:41:55
  • Christine Reavis – Woodlawn, Va 2:51:00
  • Billie Hall – Floyd, Va 2:02:39
  • Bonnie Harrington – Galax, Va 2:08:00

Men’s Results

  • Daniel Bedsaul – Radford, Va 1:41:49
  • Cody Williams – Galax, Va 1:35:58
  • Andrew Peddy – Galax, Va 1:14:53
  • Johathan Adcock – Stuart, Va 1:27:27
  • Timothy Thomas – Raleigh, Va 1:39:56
  • Joe Salerno – Wytheville, Va 2:04:17
  • Steve Golliher – Wytheville, Va Forfeit
  • Thomas Sharkey – Waxhaw, Nc 1:23:09
  • Tony Truitt – Galax, Va 1:41:42
  • Ray Bedsaul – Galax, Va 1:45:23
  • John Slivka – Danville, Va 1:47:01
  • Patrick Butler – Fancy Gap, Va 1:29:44
  • Vern Roberts – Galax, Va 3:28:31