I started coming to see Teresa in September 2014 after my breast cancer diagnosis.  I was about to complete my second round of chemo. My daughter, Ginny, had been urging me to begin water rehabilitation with Masterpiece Fitness for several months.  She had told me how wonderful Teresa was and how she knew the water exercise program would help me.  Little did I know just how much of a difference it would make!!

I look forward to coming to my weekly sessions with Teresa.  Teresa has really been patient with me; she’s encouraged me, and pushed me outside my comfort zone at times.  I have learned a lot about the benefits of exercising, especially core muscle strength and exercising opposing muscle groups. Six months later, with God and Teresa’s help, I feel stronger and better.  My breast cancer journey has not been easy, but all things are possible through HIM and the power of prayer!

Mrs. Judy Plant

Galax, Virginia