Testimony of Eleanor Swan Dick

I signed up for the weight loss contest at the Carroll County Wellness Center in February. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t do very well because of a family illness that took me away from the area. I entered the next contest and was lucky to have Teresa Roberts as my team leader. Our team won after 6 weeks of eating right and exercising together with Teresa. The results were impressive! The motivation was high and we learned so much more than just how to exercise. My problem with plantar fascitis disappeared within a few days after Teresa showed me how to stretch correctly. Problem spots on a senior’s body can be remedied and there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. We were all concerned about keeping up with our newly found fitness. Teresa has come up with a plan that fits into our lifestyles so that we can continue to work out together. I am contemplating bumping it up a notch by trying to jog. One of our star team members is jogging 5 miles! Thank you Teresa for your support and exceptional training practices that have benefited each of us on your Team!

Eleanor Dick

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness