Genesis 50:19-20
But Joseph said to them,
"Do not be afraid for am I in God’s place? As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive."

Most of us are familiar with the story of Joseph in Genesis. His father favored him which created jealousy and resentment from His older brothers. He also was given a promise from God through a dream at a young age he would rule over his brothers. He shared this with his brothers, and they hated him even more. He was treated terribly by them being thrown in a pit to die, but eventually being sold as a slave to some Midianite traders. You will find the whole journey of Joseph’s life beginning in Genesis 37, and ending in chapter 50.

Eventually it happens just as was revealed in His dream from God. He was made the king of Egypt after being a prisoner falsely accused suffering many injustices. He stayed true to God through it all. There was a famine throughout the land. His family was starving, so they came to Egypt out of desperation for help. They were helped by the king of Egypt, Joseph, as they bowed low before him just as he had shared with them many years earlier.

In Genesis 50:19-20 Joseph is responding to his brothers who fear for their lives. Their father has just died, and even though Joseph has shown them forgiveness and kindness they are still tortured with guilt, regret, and fear of getting what they deserve. He tells them he is not their judge; He emphasized what they meant for harm God meant it for good and kept many people alive as a result of guiding Joseph.

We can know God will do the same for us if we stay faithful to trust and obey Him when we are mistreated by siblings, parents, husbands, wives, people we are intimately involved with. All of the evil acts committed against Joseph did not stop the plan God had for His life. He stayed aligned with God’s Word through it all. Know that no one can stop the will of God for your life, but you! If you remain faithful trusting and walking in obedience you will see his plans for you fulfilled. If God is for you and you are for God and His will, there is no force greater than His love and faithfulness. Let your heart take courage this morning in the truth of God’s Word, and see the will of God fulfilled in your life.

In His love.

Teresa Roberts

Masterpiece Fitness


Sometimes we may feel the "Son" has set in our lives. But the truth is there is greater glory after the sunset more times than not as Lady Godiva and I witnessed yesterday from home watching the sky as the day closed.